Computer Relocation Services

Computer Relocation Services

Move IT provide enterprise computer relocation services. Our team are experts in IT equipment relocation projects, specializing in corporate office desktop and data center infrastructure. Led by a team of experienced project managers and engineers, our team provide an end-to-end service which includes:

  • Project management
  • Move planning
  • Physical disconnection & reconnection
  • Packing & protection
  • Secure transportation
  • Neat & tidy cable management
  • Post-move support
  • Post-move reporting

Our successful track record is due to our focus on migration planning & project management. We understand that your office IT is critical to your company’s operations, and will take all necessary measures to minimize risk.

Prior to every move, our team ensures that every risk is identified, and planned for well in advance. Our team ensures no stones are unturned before proceeding with a move.

Trading Floor Migrations
Office Restacks
Building to building moves
BAU Office Moves & Reshuffles

Case Study- Computer Relocation Services

The Company:

An American global asset management firm specialising in funds, advisory services, account management and retirement plans.

The Challenge

An asset management company needed to renovate one of their floors without disrupting business. We decided to split the project into 3 phases so business could carry on as usual.

Phase 1 – Reshuffled half of the users to occupy one side of the floor so contractors could start renovations.

Phase 2 – Reshuffled the other half of users to finish off renovations on the other side.

Phase 3 – Relocated and connected all users to their original desks.


The desks had the cable spines installed, the business wanted the cables to look neat and tidy so insisted the cables be installed into the spines. Due to the time-consuming nature of installing in the spine, we performed this task before the move date by using spare cables.

Work began on Friday night, we marked down the equipment from each desk, noting the location of items such as their telephone. We then packed all the equipment and left it on each individual desk to avoid confusion. The business had already appointed a moving company, so they assisted in moving the items to the correct desk. We reconnected all PC and Phone cables and made sure they were all working ready for Monday.

On Monday morning, a Move IT staff member was available for standby support to assist users in any move related issues.

Computer Relocation Services in Hong Kong
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