IT Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Move IT provides enterprise IT Infrastructure Consulting services, specializing in IT office and data centre IT infrastructure.

Our dedicated consultants provide advisory, strategy and project management services. Our consultants focus on understanding our client’s requirements, and providing solutions best suited to their needs.

Our passionate consultants have over 15 years experience in the industry, working with some of the world’s largest companies. We can be engaged at any stage of a project, no matter how small or large the challenge is we are ready to help.

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Case Study – Office & Data Centre Migration

The Company

ASEAN based commercial & investment bank.

The Challenge
  • Extremely tight deadline

  • 3 x floors of office IT infrastructure over 2 buildings

  • 2 x trading floors

  • 2 x data centres

  • Over 30 leased lines

  • Over 15 vendors

  • Zero downtime

Planning for Success

After coming on board, we spent several meetings understanding their current infrastructure and what was required at the new site. This time was spent determining the most time critical components and making sure the business knew about the deadlines for approval.

Knowing the long approval process would be a risk to the project, we had to find alternative solutions, that would still allow the entities to relocate their staff while keeping their infrastructure in place.

Both entities already had preferred vendors for the relocation and hardware purchases. With services relying on multiple vendors we assisted in coordinating and creating a time table for the installation and testing of the equipment at the new site.

Problems we Solved
  • During the move, a vendor had tripped the power which cascaded to the server room’s power box, causing the server racks to lose power, because the UPS had not been installed yet. We coordinated between the power vendor and server technicians to make sure power was back up and wouldn’t trip again, before the equipment was powered up again and they could continue configuring.

  • After we had finished the move, the phone lines didn’t work. We had to coordinate with the telephone vendors and network engineers to get the line working again.

Case Study - IT Infrastructure Consulting - Move IT
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