IT Office Relocation Services

IT Office Relocation Services

Move IT provides enterprise IT office relocation services. Led by a team of experienced project managers and engineers, our team provide an end-to-end service which includes:

  • Project management
  • Move planning
  • Physical disconnection & reconnection
  • Packing & protection
  • Secure transportation
  • Neat & tidy cable management
  • Post-move support
  • Post-move reporting

Our successful track record is due to our focus on migration planning & project management. We understand that your office IT is critical to your company’s operations, and will take all necessary measures to minimize risk.

Prior to every move, our team ensures that every risk is identified, and planned for well in advance. Our team ensures no stones are unturned before proceeding with a move.

Office Moves & Restacks
Trading Floor Migrations
IT Equipment Relocations
Server Room Relocations

Case Study – IT Office Relocation Services

The Company

A multinational banking and financial services holding company who has appointed Move IT as their preferred vendor for all their IT relocation needs.

The Challenge
  • Regularly moving a high volume of users without disrupting business.
  • Move had to be finished before Monday morning
Before the Move
  • Before the move, we performed an audit of the floors that were going to be affected. Collecting information such as: number of Lan ports, whether they needed monitor arms and if they are sharing Bloomberg terminals. This was carried out on a Saturday as it was key not to disrupt the night traders.
  • Once we had drafted a preliminary move list, we checked the list to point out any issues we could see. Eg. A move of a user to a desk which was already occupied.
  • During the project, a Move IT staff was always present to all the required meetings.
The Move:
  • We performed the full move on Friday night (but this could vary depending on size and complexity). We disconnected, moved and reconnected all the PC’s at the new desks.
  • After the completion of the move, we powered on all the machines and verified the screen orientation and network connectivity. In the event of no network, we would pass on the port information to the network team for patching.
  • On the following Monday, we had staff on standby to assist in any move related issues.
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