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Move IT provides enterprise data center & IT equipment relocation services. Led by a team of experienced project managers and engineers, our team are trusted server movers and provide an end-to-end service which includes:

  • Project management
  • Migration planning
  • Rack layout planning
  • Physical disconnection & reconnection
  • High quality packing & protection
  • Secure transportation
  • Neat & tidy cable management
  • Post-move support
  • Post-move reporting

Our successful track record is due to our focus on migration planning & project management. We understand that your server room / data centre infrastructure is critical to your company’s operations, and as industry trusted server movers, will take all necessary measures to minimize risk.

Prior to every move, our team ensures that every risk is identified, and planned for well in advance. Our team ensures no stones are unturned before proceeding with a move.

Project Management & Migration Planning
Secure protection & transportation
Server Room Migrations
Data Center Migrations

Case Study – Data Centre Migration

The Company

A global telecommunications company providing communications and data services to residential, business and governmental customers.

The Challenge
  • Relocating data centre infrastructure, 100 Servers and 50 Switches in 3 phases.
  • Downtime had to be kept to a minimum and the relocation had to occur on Friday evening.
  • New site was far away so the team had to keep to a schedule.
Our Approach
  • We carried out a full audit of the company’s current infrastructure to make sure the new Data Centre could accommodate.
  • For each equipment, we traced the network cables and noted the switch and switchport position. We also performed a trace on the KVM cables.
  • Before each phase, we received a list of equipment that needed to be relocated. We marked each equipment that needed to be moved and compared it with the markings the client had done. This way we could see and fix any discrepancies between what the client expected to be moved and what we had been told.
  • We would wait for the client to power down the equipment and inform us which equipment could be moved.
  • We disconnected all the cables to the equipment and packed the equipment into foam padded boxes, with extra foam padding added between each equipment to keep it safe from vibrations.
  • The equipment was checked and signed off by the client and locked with a numbered security tag and placed into the truck.
  • We double checked the serial numbers to make sure they all matched and no boxes were tampered with mid transport.
  • The equipment was mounted and power connected to the correct PDU, once that was done, we followed the cable plan to make sure all cables were connected to the correct switch and switchport.
The Results
  • The new data centre was delivered on time and without issues.
  • Downtime was kept to a minimum and there was zero business disruption during the project.
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